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DAW Based Audio Engineering Educational Tools

These DAW based educational tools can help to broaden your audio engineering knowledge and listening experience


The Audio A/B Machine

The Audio A/B Machine turns your DAW into a high definition audio gear testing device. It allows the efficient creation of controlled, repeatable, multitrack audio A/B comparisons between alternative designs of virtually any type of audio gear including: microphones, cables, preamps, interfaces, recorders, mixers, plug-ins, and speaker systems. In addition, its two independent 32 track mixing and mastering signal paths allow you to critically listen to and visually study, side-by-side comparisons of multitrack mastered mixes that have competing plug-in configurations. The series of RTA tests for plug-ins can alert you to any detrimental artifacts a plug-in may be adding to your mix. The audio gear tests can reveal problematic gear. Please check’s requirements page for details before enrolling.

The Audio A/B Machine -3 DAW files, 1.5 gigabyte, PDF manual, 144 pages, 53 WAV sound clips,  284 megabytes: $39.95



Mixing + Mastering TheABCD Multitracks

This course is based on three multitrack DAW files of live musicians recorded in a home studio. You’ll first learn about the general characteristics such tracks need to have in order to achieve broadcast quality results and acceptable loudness levels with minimal processing. Then you’ll study more advanced mixing and mastering techniques such as triggers and side-chain processing. Mixing and mastering the three different styles of musical instrumentation gives you a broader perspective, allowing you to become a more versatile mixing and mastering engineer.

Mixing and Mastering The ABCD Multitracks – 3 DAW files, 1 gigabyte,  PDF manual, 149 pages, 110 WAV sound clips, 275 megabytes: $39.95


The A/B CD DAW file

The A/B CD DAW file presents controlled, repeatable comparisons of all the components that comprise a recording’s complete signal path. How much of a difference is created when drums are recorded on analog tape versus digital? How different does an all tube (12AX7) multi-track recording sound from a discrete transistor multi-track recording of the exact same performances? Does an analog mixer sound warmer than a digital mixer? The “Memory Locations” window in Pro Tools (“Markers” in Cubase) details the comparisons being listened to and allows versatile transport control. Includes 44.1 kHz interface versus 96 kHz interface comparisons.

The A/B CD DAW file -1 DAW file, 1.4 gigabyte, PDF manual, 79 pages, 48 WAV sound clips, 148 megabytes: $19.95