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Course requirements


(disk space approximated)

PDF reader requirements and related information

  • A desktop PDF reader is required – web browser PDF readers will NOT play the 16 bit, 44.1 kHz WAV sound clips in our PDF eBooks
  • Please use your computer’s desktop PDF reader to affirm play back of the sound clips in the Course Brochure before enrolling
  • Up to 1.3 gigabytes of disc space and PDF online connectivity
  • You can download a free, desktop PDF reader called Adobe Acrobat DC”  from  (Windows and Mac) 
  • Mobile device PDF reader apps might not play the WAV sound clips
  • Unidocs “EZ PDF ReaderPro app works with Android mobile devices
  • Your PDF can be stored on up to two of your personal devices, but is not to be uploaded to any cloud or library retrieval systems

Student requirements 

  • An understanding of engineering terms such as EQ, compression, Hz, dB, and limiter
  • An understanding of music theory terms such as 1/4 note, measure, chorus, major chord, and minor chord
  • Headphones

DAW and student requirements for The Audio A/B Machine, Mixing and Mastering, and The A/B CD DAW file: 

  • Up to 1 gigabyte of disc space per DAW file
  • Cubase 8 or Pro Tools 10
  • A 96 kHz DAW interface
  • A computer that can play 64 tracks of 96 kHz audio
  • A functional understanding of your DAW’s operation that includes recording, playback, and the ability to locate a project’s audio folder
  • The ability to download, install and operate plug-ins 
  • Knowledge of the “bounce selection” process in Cubase (“consolidate tracks” in Pro Tools) 
  • The Audio A/B Machine requires the free* audio analyzer plug-ins listed here:
Cubase Pro Tools
Izotope’s “Ozone”
Voxengo’s “SPAN”
(Cubase includes “MultiScope”)
Izotope’s “Ozone”
Melda Production’s “M-Analyzer”
Blue Cat Audio’s “Oscilloscope Multi”
*The Ozone demo inserts silence but its meters used by The Audio A/B Machine stay visible. You can use other meter and oscilloscope plug-ins so long as they have the same functions and resolutions. The Audio A/B Machine “Advanced Comparisons” require an intermediate level of engineering experience or an educator’s supervision. The advanced comparisons may also require a multi-output interface, SPL meter, speaker and ear protection (when using the test tones), and/or two mics that have passed the included matched mic test. 

The free Course Brochure details the logistics of this PDF based audio production course and demonstrates how it can empower your audio production skills.

PDF file eBook, 32 pages, 28 embedded 16 bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files, 57 megabytes.